Can Solar Reduce My Energy Bills?

Solar energy produces FREE clean, green energy by harvesting AC electricity from the sun with photovoltaic panels. The inverter then converts this to DC electricity which will power your homes electrical appliances or charge up the battery for FREE energy use in the evenings.

The amount of solar energy produced (reduction on energy bills) will all depend on the size of the system, direction of the house, if there is any shading and how much natural daylight there is. The more solar energy that is produced will determine how much energy bills are reduced by.

The technology advancements have further increased how much homeowners can reduce their bills. The introduction of the battery storage system meant that FREE energy could be used in the evenings as well as during the day. This made a huge impact on how much people have saved on energy as most electricity was used in the evenings (during peak times 4pm-7pm).

Another great advantage to homeowners with solar energy systems is the SEG scheme which is also known as a Smart Export Guarantee scheme. This scheme allows homeowners to receive a tax-free income for energy produced that they haven’t used. The energy will be transported back to the grid and in return the energy supplier will pay their customer every 1-3 months.

Octopus energy has the highest export rate on the outgoing fixed tariff than other energy suppliers, so we do advise customers to switch to get the most from their solar system. By using the outgoing agile tariff, Octopus energy advised customers would see a huge difference in returns and they can see the day ahead rates on their phones.

Our company has specialist site surveyors who will assess a persons home and energy use, design a tailor made system, demonstrate the system to ensure you’re a knowledgeable on the product/system you may chose to have installed, provide you will an intelligent estimation on how much you would save on your energy bills. The specialist site surveyor will then leave you with the facts and figures in black and white and it is up to yourself to decide whether it is right for you.