Paid For Using Surplus Energy?~ Octopus Energy

Octopus Energy is an electricity and gas supplier in the UK specialising in renewable energy. This company in particular offers great rewards for customers who generate renewable energy. Especially, customers on the Outgoing ‘Agile’ tariff, as Octopus Energy has stated that homeowners with a standard 4kWp of solar panels with battery, can earn up to 50% more than if they were on a fixed rate.

This is based on day ahead rates so that people can view their Octopus Energy app and see when would be best to use surplus energy or charge their battery. In fact, the weekend just gone was great for the Octopus Energy customers as they were being paid amazing rates for using energy from 2 am on wards. This was due to the rapid wind speeds that came with storm Dennis, up to 70 mph! Many customers even took to twitter to boast about this with a screenshot of the rates on their Octopus Energy app.

“My battery fully charged on it so now I’m doing a second laundry load. Coffee machine is on. Between the solar panels and the battery I’m drawing no grid power. Battery will stay full until the sun goes down then get me through the evening peak. All very satisfactory.”

The more green energy production there is in the UK the better it is for us environmentally and economically. In order to make the smartest savings it has been advised to avoid using energy at peak times which is between 4pm and 7pm. Instead charging your battery up during the night can save you money.

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