Solar PV – Is it Really Worth it? – 2020 Update

Experts have estimated that 2020 is the year that renewable energy becomes cheaper than fossil fuels. This is due to the rise in energy bills and solar energy becoming the cheapest it has ever been before. In fact, the prices of solar systems have dropped by 70% this past decade and this is the fastest drop in price than most emerging technologies.

More than 1 million households in the UK have a solar system installed and this has been estimated to reach almost 2 million this year alone. At present, renewable energy is now the biggest source of power in the UK (38.9%) and this is a result of the great benefits that come from it environmentally and economically.

Solar energy is a smart economic decision hence why so many in the past decade have made the decision to have the system installed. Also, if you decide to move homes you wouldn’t lose out on money as a standard £5,000 – £8,000 system can add around £14,000 in value onto a property.

A one of payment can protect households against rising energy bills for the next 25 years. A solar system usually pays for its self in the next 4-6 years with the money saved on energy prices. Even more money can be saved with the BPS (Battery Pack System), as it allows FREE electricity in the evenings as well as during the day.

The current Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme allows households to be paid for there surplus energy that has been generated by the solar system. All large energy companies are required to do this and the majority of smaller companies have joined in. The surplus energy will be sent back to the grid so that the demand for fossil fuels will be slightly lower, the whole process is a lot more efficient.

Personally, we advise people with solar to sign up with Octopus Energy as it has the highest export rate being 5.5pkWh with the Outgoing ‘Fixed’ tariff. However, Octopus Energy advises customers to go on the Outgoing ‘Agile’ tariff as a customer with a 4kWp of solar panels with battery storage could earn 50% more.

If you are interested in solar energy contact us on 0330 128 9323, our team are happily to help answer any queries or to book you in for a FREE energy survey. The energy survey will entail the roof and energy use being assessed by one of our specialist site surveyors to which they will work out which solar system would be best for them. Finally, you will be left with an educated estimate on the savings in energy bills and a no obligation quote.