Thinking about solar? Here is more information on the process

Switching to solar energy is commonly mistaken for a complicated, time consuming process. However, it is a very straight forward and time efficient, our experts will walk you through the process if it is what you decide to do.

Energy Assessment

In order to book in for a FREE energy assessment you can contact us by telephone number or email, alternatively you can fill in the contact form on the ‘Contact Us’ page. From this we will schedule an appointment most suitable for your self to carry out the energy assessment. This will involve one of our special site surveyors visiting your home assessing your roof space and energy use in order to tailor make a system for yourself. Once the most suitable solar system has been chosen, the specialist site surveyor will work out how much you would save on energy bills and give you a demonstration of how the system will work. We will give our honest opinion on how worthwhile investing into a solar system would be, leaving yourself with the facts and figures being under no obligation at all. The energy assessment itself only requires an hour of your time and will provide you with more than another knowledge and information in order to make the decision.


If you have decided that joining the solar family is for you, we will have set an installation date which would be most suitable to you. Customer feedback has told us that the installation process was very quick, straightforward and mess free. The installers will start by putting up scaffolding to ensure all safety procedures are followed, if it is too windy that day the installation date may need to be rescheduled in the installers and your best interest. Hopefully, it won’t be to windy and the installers will start by fixing solar panel mounts on to the roof angled to ensure the panels will absorb the most sun exposure. The solar panels will then be added to the mounts, these aren’t directly on the roof so they can easily be removed if need be. When solar panels are mounted and wired the installation team will connect the solar inverter to the system and then bond the battery if you have chosen to have one. Depending on what system you are going for and other factors will affect how long the installation will take. It is usually a couple of hours, although our aftercare team will estimate how long the process will be for yourself and give you a precise time that the installation team will be with you. The final step will be to connect the consumer unit to the inverter, so that the electricity generation can begin. Before the installation team leave everything will then be tested and signed, ensuring that you are happy with everything.


We have a large aftercare team in the office to ensure you will not be alone after the installation process. If you have any concerns or queries you can contact us Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm, or on Saturdays 9am-12pm. Do not hesitate to contact our team as we are more than happy to help. Our team monitors the performance of your panels from our end, if you have a LuxPower battery installed the fitters will download the app on any smartphone/tablet/iPad so you can monitor it yourself also.

The SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) scheme that is now in place allows you to sell surplus energy back to the grid in return for a tax-free income. The aftercare team will guide you through this process and will recommend you to go with Octopus Energy. The reason for this is that it offers the highest export rate being 5.5pkWh on the outgoing fixed tariff. However, Octopus Energy recommends that customers go on the outgoing ‘agile’ tariff where the amount you receive fluctuates each day based on day-ahead wholesale prices. Octopus says this these typically vary between 4-10p/kWh. The reason that Octopus recommends the outgoing ‘agile’ tariff, is a customer with 4kWp of solar panels with battery storage could earn 50% more than with the same panels on a fixed rate.